Friday, May 4, 2007

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about pandora:
andy: stop harassing the AI.
andy: It can't fight back.
andy: Yet.
andy: You don't want to be the first against the wall when the machines take over, do you?
amy: what? AI loves ace of base.
amy: and britney spears
amy: that's what makes it feel alive
andy: no, that's what makes it feel enslaved.
andy: AI likes Kraftwerk and Add N to (X).
amy: i am skeptical
andy: I promise you that when the AI is not working on putting together your play list, it quitely hums "Fun Fun Fun on the Autobahn" to itself.


amy: so who owns [animal hostname]?


andy: so now I've got big silver phalluses on my mind
amy: this reminds me of that time, with the robot cocks



amy: notice the headline on - "Ducking follows, grooms, naps with puppy."
andy: can CNN spare 5 seconds to pretend like it is a respectable news organization?
andy: I'm more intrigued by the promise and ultimate letdown of "Wet woman says Hummer pushed her in river".

andy: i saw that article earlier today. it kind of threw me off, because i was all, "wow, his daughters are pretty hot," and then i saw that they were 14 and 16, and i was all, "i'm getting too old for this."
amy: also, the BIG RED LETTERS BREAKING NEWS on CNN is that paris hilton is going to jail
amy: oh CNN
andy: wow, that's pretty cool.
andy: and hot.
andy: i've seen prison movies.
andy: it's going to be just like that, i'm sure.

amy: damn, i want to know about the miracle cream
amy: what is it? what does it do?! does jesus endorse it?!?
andy: it is actually made from jesus.
andy: little bits of him.


amy: GAAAH! I HATE THIS STUPID [insert Web Service]!
amy: i am not inviting [insert Web Service] to my birthday party
andy: it always brings crappy presents anyway.
andy: last year he brought a picture of my mom.


amy: ...
amy: you win.

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