Thursday, September 6, 2007

on this week's episode...

amy: i frequently feel a need to punch someone in the face.
amy: well, that, or relax.
andy: face punching yoga?
amy: i feel like you're on to something there.
andy: If they can do hot yoga, why not hot painful yoga?
amy: ...i did hot, painful yoga with your mom last night.
andy: that's funny, because i punched your mom in the face last night.


oh CNN...

amy: ok, seriously? wtf?
andy: yeah, i've heard about that.
andy: but i don't think enough people do that to warrant an article.
andy: i mean, they might as well right about people who wipe their
asses with their non-dominant hand.
andy: sure, it happens, but nobody cares.

amy: next up, "THE SKY IS BLUE!"
andy: they ran that one yesterday.
andy: it was pretty well researched.
andy: they even had some quotes from NQB, a group of brits who say
that the sky is actually "Not Quite Blue"
andy: you know, for balance.

amy: CNN apparently rubs off on others.
amy: "Babies vs. Chimps: Who's Smarter"
andy: fuck smarter. which one is tastier?


andy: engineers and sales people are generally socially retarded in
different ways.


oh cory...

amy: about that foreign tennis player.
andy: he's dreamy
amy: you know who is really dreamy?
amy: Cory Doctorow.
andy: your mom.
andy: cory doctorow is your mom.
andy: there, i said it.


andy: so the [issue that I was whining about at the time] could be a deflecting device?
(10:00:19) andy: shields up! battlestations!
(10:00:20) amy: a personal shield device a la star trek would be a
deflecting device
amy: it's scary that we both went to the same place with that.
andy: dork and dorker.


amy: what would you do for a klondike bar?
andy: would you kill a man for a klondike bar?
amy: well, depends on what time of the month it is...
andy: is there a response to this that doesn't get me fired?

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